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Liverpool Boards Contradicting Philosophy

  • Liverpool Boards Contradicting Philosophy

For the past few years Liverpool have gone by with the philosophy of buying potential rather than proven world-class quality. This is fine in my eyes and in the long run it could the only way of doing transfer business.  The problem is potential takes time and patience to fulfill, which is something that the Liverpool board and fans seem not to have.

 For me it is a contradiction to go out and buy players that you hope will one day be super stars only to demand instant success.  There should be a deeper understanding that we may not compete while these newer players bed in. There should be a unifying voice telling fans that all is not lost and that a drop off was expected after the heroics and narrow failure of the 2013/14 season.

 Instead the club was expected to push on despite losing the EPLís top two goal scorers to Barcelona and injury respectively. The recently closed season has been looked at as a right off and the reds back room staff have paid the price with coaches Mike Marsh and Colin Pascoe being shown the exit door. But was it really as bad as all that?

 Liverpool were forced in to selling one of the best strikers in the world and lost one of the most promising to long term injury. Thatís 50 + EPL goals wiped off the board. Despite this the club still made two cup semi-finals, beat Manchester City and looked sharp against a Chelsea side that basically walked to the league title. I know this is not the success that reds fans demand but sometimes you have to have a realistic look at the situation at hand. Barr the three boys from Southampton all of last summers 100 million was spent on players aged 24 or younger.

 I know patience is a swear word in The World Game, but if you are going to invest in potential you are going to have to learn what it means.

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