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Should Carragher Return To Liverpool?

  • Should Carragher Return To Liverpool?
  • Should Carragher Return To Liverpool?

The Liverpool backroom has been given an almighty shake up in recent weeks with the departures of Mike Marsh and Colin Pascoe. But amongst the rumours and speculation I am very surprised that the name of Jamie Carragher is yet to be mentioned.

 Carragher is born leader and would demand instant respect within the dressing room, which is something that is seriously lacking at the moment. The whole Raheem Sterling debacle has put a lot of doubt in the minds of fans as to what is actually going on behind the scenes. Is the tricky winger just another greedy teenager being given bad advice on a daily basis or are there other issues on the training track that are forcing the issue.

 The fact that two of the senior coaching staff has been shown the exit door says to me that something deeper has been brewing at Anfield. The Board want a change in atmosphere. They may believe in Brendan Rodgers and his footballing philosophy but they see that something is missing from the final picture.

 Reports suggest the powers that be want someone who knows the club inside out, someone that was around in more successful times. Names such as Sami Hyppia and Bolo Zenden have been mentioned but the name of club legend Carragher is yet to enter the fray.

 It was only last year that the gritty defender said he would return to the club if the right job was offered and for me the right job is here.

 “If I was offered a job in Liverpool in a good coaching role, it would be difficult to turn down,” said the former England international.

“I suppose because it’s your club, you always want them to do well, but like I said, I am happy now, I enjoy what I am doing but if that happens you have a decision to make. Anyone else but Liverpool you wouldn’t really change your job but when is your own club it’s a big pull.”

There has been underground talk for a while that Carragher will be a top coach with former Liverpool boss and current England coach Roy Hodgson expecting him to reach the top of the game on the sideline.

"After retirement I'm sure he will march quickly up the coaching ladder and become one of the country's top young coaches," said Hodgson back in 2013.

 The reason for him being left out of discussions is currently unclear. I doubt that he would have had a change of heart and if he hasn’t been seriously considered by the board maybe they need a slap to remind them what he could bring to the club. He is born and bred scouse and having him back on the bench would surely be a lift for players and fans alike.

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