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Sterling Isn't Worth 50 Million GBP

  • Sterling Isn't Worth 50 Million GBP

Liverpool have kept to their word by refusing a reported 30 million GBP bid from Manchester City for winger Raheem Sterling. The reds have decided to play hard ball with the contract rebel by insisting he isn’t for sale even if it means he leaves on a free when his current deal comes to an end. Reports suggest that a move could be arranged if the figure reaches 50 million but the question remains, is he worth it?

 “Raheem Sterling is not worth £50million,” said journalist Neil Custis on a British radio show.

"If Angel Di Maria was worth just over that, having proved himself at the highest level in Champions League finals and World Cups, how can Sterling come close? I would think £30m is about right.”

 Liverpool legend, Michael Owen, has also got in on the discussion labelling Sterling simply as “replaceable”.

 The situation seems to be getting to the 20 year old. His performances have been off the boil and he failed to cope after he was roundly booed during a recent England International against Ireland. It seems he has talked himself in to a hole that could potentially ruin his career.

 For me there is only one way out of this self imposed jail cell. Sterling has to shut his mouth and start playing football again. Forget about a move and let his feet do the talking. There is no doubt that he is a talented footballer but it is fast becoming clear that he is confused and unclear about what step to take next. Currently he is nothing more than a potential star. He has done very little within the game and is often accused of going missing when Liverpool really need him. This needs to change.

 There may be a very real personal motive for him looking to leave the club. But performing on the biggest stage is the only way he will get what he wants. He needs to go back to having fun on the field. He needs to play without fear and show that he can be the key man and lead teams success. If he doesn’t the story of Raheem Sterling could end up being one of disappointment and regret.

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